Our Mission

We believe that all children are equal, regardless of how they were conceived or how they became part of their family.

I once read a story about a family that visited the birth country of their daughter. Western parents and Chinese child, hand in hand, strolled the streets to absorb the sounds, smells and sights. A man came up to the family, said some words in Chinese that nobody understood, and then pinched the child, hard on the arm. Though they will never know for sure, the family sensed that the man who physically hurt their daughter was voicing his anger about their family. This story has stayed with me for many years.

We understand and encourage the need for dialogue and debate about our ever complex family structures. However, we do not understand how adults can take their confusion? anger? disgust? out on a child.

Our curriculum is designed so that all children can learn about human reproduction in a way that does not marginalize or leave them, their family, or anyone else, out of the story.