Eggs cells (eggs, for short) are made and stored inside the ovaries. We need eggs to create a baby.

Female Reproductive System

How do we get eggs to make a baby?

There are two ways to get eggs to make a baby.

  • Ovulation is when an egg leaves the ovary and travels into the fallopian tube. The egg stays inside the human body.
  • Extraction is when eggs are surgically removed from the ovary. The eggs leave the human body.

Who provides the eggs to make a baby?

Whether or not the eggs remain inside the human body or are removed, many different people can provide eggs to make a baby. Sometimes it is our Mom who currently takes care of us, and other times it is our birth mother, first parent, a traditional surrogate, an egg donor or someone else you use a different name for.

A mom, parent, birth mother, first parent,  can either ovulate eggs or have them surgically removed.

An egg donor's eggs are always surgically removed and given to someone else that wants them to make a baby.

A traditional surrogate's eggs always stay inside the body. A surrogate gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby who will be raised by someone else. 

Sometimes we know who provided the egg that created us, and how they provided the egg, and other times we don't know!