Fertilization is when an egg and sperm cell join together to become a new cell. That one, new cell was the very beginning of you.

There are two ways egg and sperm can join together: inside or outside the human body.

Inside the body: Sex

If sperm are ejaculated directly into the vagina during sex, around the same time that an egg is traveling through the fallopian tube, the sperm and egg can unite.


Inside or Outside the Body: Unknown

Sometimes we don't know anything about how the egg and sperm that created us were joined together.

Inside the body: Assisted Insemination

If sperm are ejaculated into a cup or container, they can be sucked up into a syringe (without a needle) and then released into the vagina or uterus.


Outside the Body: IVF

If sperm are surgically removed or ejaculated into a container, they can be joined with eggs that have been surgically removed. The joining takes place in a different, extra clean container in a health clinic.