Sperm cells (sperm, for short) are made inside the testicles.  We need sperm to make a baby. 

Male Reproductive System with Perpective

How do we get sperm to make a baby?

There are two ways to get sperm to make a baby. 

  • Ejaculation is when sperm leave the human body through the tip of the penis. To make a baby, sperm can be ejaculted directly into a the vagina or into a cup or container. 
  • Extraction is when the sperm are surgically removed from the body.

Who provides the sperm?

Whether or not the sperm are ejaculated or surgically removed from the body, different people can provide sperm to make a baby. Sometimes it is our Dad, and other times it is our birth father, first parent, a sperm donor, or someone else you call by another name.

Any person providing sperm can either ejaculate sperm or have sperm surgically removed. 

Sometimes we know who provided the sperm that created us, and how they provided the sperm, and sometimes we don't!