Pizza & Puberty


Sunday, November 4, 11am-1pm

Preteen/teen girls (9-13 yrs olds) and their askable adult are warmly invited to an afternoon of learning, growing and celebrating puberty. Our workshop is designed to impart fact-based information, develop skills, and provide support. Each curious kid should bring one askable adult. 

$15 per pair (one adult and one preteen)
We have room for 16 people (8 preteens + 8 askable adults)
Exception: twins, triplets or more - no additional cost!

30 minutes before the workshop: arrive to order food and drink
one and a half hours: puberty (physical, emotional, social changes and what to do about them)
half hour: human reproduction (all the ways humans can make new humans)

Pizza & Puberty
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13 Virtues Brewing
6410 SE Milwaukie Ave
Portland, OR 97202

OK - Here is a confession. This restaurant does not have pizza. But, they do have sandwiches, grilled cheese, and salads. And, beer for the adults! You can check out their menu online.

Our Curriculum:

We believe that the best place for discussions around sexual health are in the home. Along with a comprehensive school-based curriculum, Roads To Family is here to help prompt, continue, and inspire those interactions by providing fact-based information, skills, and support for families. One of your jobs as an 'askable adult' will be to add your family’s values into the continued conversations. It’s not really about having The Talk with you child. It’s about having lots and lots of talks!

Though the focus of our workshop will be on puberty and our changing bodies, often students know more and are curious about additional topics. These topics are not always comfortable, and can be quite surprising. So, be prepared for all the topics within comprehensive sexuality education that may arise: Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy and Physiology, Puberty, Menstruation, Gender Identity, Sexual Orientation, Body Image, Relationships, Decision-Making, Sexual Activity, Masturbation, Friendships, Family Structures, Abuse & Assault, Affection, Sensuality, & Pleasure, Feelings & Emotions, Contraception. 

Our discussion will be guided by Portland Public School’s Comprehensive Sexuality Education Policy which was developed in accordance with Federal, State, and District laws and policies, health education standards, and best practices.

We draw largely from curriculum developed by Advocates for Youth’s K-12, Rights, Respect, Responsibility comprehensive sexuality education curriculum