How do we ensure that policies and practices promote the notion that all people deserve to be healthy sexual human beings? Roads To Family is available to share perspectives and experiences in designing school health curriculum, formulating organizational strategy, and determining business direction. If you are writing and implementing plans and policies that intersect sexual health, reproductive health, sex education, family formation and the well-being of kids & families - we are here to support your work. 


Comprehensive Sexuality Education

Portland Public Schools received a grant from Advocates for Youth to create a CSEP Plan complete with policies, scope and sequences, etc.  As a participant on the panel, Rachel stresses the importance of teaching students the whole gamut of sexual health.


Intentional Family Formation

Power to Decide, the national campaign to prevent unplanned pregnancy, is trying to reshape the conversation into one of Intentionality. Right On! That's just what Roads To Family is all about - adding into the conversation all the intentional ways to create children and form families. Thank you for inviting Roads To Family to be part of this exciting chapter in helping young people have the power to decide if, when, and under what circumstances to get pregnant. Now all we need to do is one small task (ha!)- make sure that reproductive health services are available to anyone who needs/wants them. Find out more at: https://powertodecide.org