Human Reproduction

Roads to Family is changing the way we talk about how humans make more humans and create family.

When our children look up at us and ask, "Where DO babies come from?" we can no longer stammer out the same story we have been telling for generations. Today, less than half of all U.S. families have a married mom and dad raising their genetically related children. With divorce and remarriage, adoption, IVF, gay parents, foster care, single parents, and transgender families, isn't it time we update how we teach our kids about human reproduction? Sex is still part of the story, but it’s only one part.

Roads to Family tells the story of how every child and family comes to be. Equally.

Neighborhood kids make a 'Get Real' video about how children come to be children

“It’s good to see all the different ways to have kids and understand how they work. It’s important to understand other people’s stories from acquaintances, friends, family or maybe your own.”
High School Student

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